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Part-time Jobs for Filipino Nurses

Yes, admit it. We nurses are underpaid despite being overworked. Our life is always stressful and our health is at risk of having contagious diseases. Ten thousand pesos wage for a month will never suffice.And now that the former President had recently rejected our hope to increase the salary, we have to do something to […]


Miracle Drink: Proven Benefits of Drinking Enough Water

  Sometimes, we take the things around us for granted just like water. Although it is scientifically proven that sufficient hydration is vital to our overall health, quite a number of individuals still chose to consume sugary drinks over pure water. In fact, water is only next to soft drinks when it comes to the […]

Work Abroad

Fob Watch In, Wrist Watch Out

In the Philippines, there are four things I must bring with me whenever I go out—my wallet, keys, cellphone and wristwatch. Wearing wristwatches has been a part of my life since I started studying Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I just feel incomplete whenever I am not wearing one. Imagine my surprise when my agent […]

Work Abroad

First Week in IE: Tips for Nurses Who are Moving to Ireland

Moving in a foreign land is a very daunting task. Irish culture and tradition are different from ours and although English is their language, the various accents of Irish people is also a challenge. The fear of the unknown is always there and believe me—that is normal. As you begin to explore the new world […]

Health Matters Weight Loss

How to Select the Right Gym for Your Fitness Goals

The New Year has started and there is no doubt that gyms and fitness studios will entertain a volume of new and returning members. These people are either health and fitness enthusiast or individuals who wanted to turn a new leaf by adopting a healthy and active lifestyle. Since 2017 has just begun, for sure […]

Work Abroad

What to Pack for Ireland: A Checklist for Nurses

Clothing Long sleeved shirts Ultra-down jacket Fleece parka Windbreaker/rain jacket Winter coat Pants Leggings Pyjamas Camisole/tank top Cycling shorts Brassiere Panties Socks Uniform Shoes Walking shoes Boots Slippers Shoes for adaptation program (black shoes) Accessories Belt Hat Scarves Gloves Handkerchief Personal/Toiletries Toothbrush Toothpaste Floss Shampoo Conditioner Soap Feminine wash Deodorant Hair brush Comb Ponytail Chapstick […]