How to Apply for Ireland Re-Entry Visa via Registered Post

Three weeks prior to Christmas, I had received a brown envelope containing my Philippine passport stamped with my re-entry visa. Being a procrastinator, I failed to get a slot online for appointment in person at the Visa Processing Office in Dublin. Because it is peak season, there were no more available slots for a personal appointment and my only option is to apply via registered post. Truth is, I was a skeptic at first. What if the documents will be lost? It would be troublesome. However, it did not happen of course so here I am giving you instructions on how to apply for re-entry visa via Registered post.
  1. Download the re-entry visa application form and fill-up the necessary spaces with your details.
  2. Prepare the needed documents.
  • Passport
– do not submit a photocopy)
-should be stamped with your immigration permission stamp
  • GNIB Card
-not a photocopy
-Valid and not past the expiring date
  • Visa fee
-by bank draft or postal order
-cash or check not accepted
  • Photos
-Two passport-sized colored photos of applicant
-must abide by the photograph rules for visa application
  1. Submit your documents.
Put all the required documents in a strong padded envelope and send it by a registered post at the post office or an post satellite branches.
Application address:
Re-entry Visa Processing Office
Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service
Department of Justice and Equality
13-14 Burgh Quay
Dublin 2
D02 XK70
Note: Processing by post takes up to 15 working days. Documents with visa will be returned by a registered post.
For more detailed information, please visit

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