Part-time Jobs for Filipino Nurses

Yes, admit it. We nurses are underpaid despite being overworked. Our life is always stressful and our health is at risk of having contagious diseases. Ten thousand pesos wage for a month will never suffice.And now that the former President had recently rejected our hope to increase the salary, we have to do something to thrive in this world of ever-increasing prices. So, here is a list of top part-time jobs for nurses you may want to try.

1. Online English Tutors
Be a home-based English teacher while working as a staff nurse. You can work in the comfort of your home and earn around 140-220 pesos per hour during your rest days or after duty hours. Clients vary in age and race. Some institutions provide English lessons to Japanese, Chinese or Koreans. If you want to try becoming an online English tutor, 51talk, Bibo, Rarejob, ABC360 are just some of the many companies hiring English teachers.A graduate of four-year course, good command of English language, wired internet connection, headset and a quiet and clutter-free office at home are some of its requirements.

2. Article Writers/ Freelancer
Have you heard of two Filipinos who earned 7.5million and 2 million respectively in a year by working freelance? Yes they did and this was through odesk and elance (now upwork). Well, it may not pay as big as millions but certainly working as an article writer can help nurses with their finances. You can sign up with Up work or for instance and apply to various article writing jobs posted daily. Some employers pay per article while others pay per word and depending on your expertise. If you are a passionate writer, you may want to try freelancing and showcase your knowledge on medical terms and various diseases.
*** I was able to experience being a content writer for few months at iPresence Business Solutions***

3. Virtual Assistants
A virtual assistant is someone who provides professional administrative and technical assistance to clients. Virtual assistants work remotely and use technology to render services in all areas of this world. Salary ranges from $300-$1000 a month on average. General tasks include managing spreadsheets, arranging travels, setting up meetings, preparing and sending emails and answering client inquiries by phone or email to name a few.

4. Paid to Click Sites
Rather than spending hours stalking someone on twitter, Instagram or facebook, why not use that time clicking ads and earning dollars at the same time? There are a lot of paid to click sites out there but not all do pay!Some are a scam so you have to be careful. I recommend clixsense among all PTC sites which I was into when I was still in the Philippines. You earn by clicking sites, answering surveys and doing various tasks. It will take time to earn but once you reached Levels 1, 2 or 3 in doing various Crowdfolder tasks, you can earn even more than what you take home as a bedside nurse.

5. Blogging
It is an easy task to create a blog if you really are interested however, it takes perseverance and passion for it to be maintained. If you are a passionate writer with excellent social and communication skills, technical skills, blogging is for you. So how do blogging make money? Some bloggers earn by writing articles, advertising, affiliate marketing or online selling. Pat Flynn is into affiliate marketing who makes over 20,000 dollars a month in affiliate commission. You can set up your own blog in WordPress or Blogger for free or if you want your own branded blog. You can use web hosts such as ipage,Bluehost. In my case, I used ipage which is the cheapest among all web host, which is $1.99 per month.

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