How to apply for CGFNS Verification of License/Registration at PRC

Verification of License/Registration/Diploma form sample

It was raining cats and dogs but the rain did not stop me from filing for Verification of License/ Registration at PRC Central Office. Nope, it is not mine. A dear friend who is residing in Washington requested me to process her papers for CGFNS application. After years of working in the US Army, she had decided to pursue her nursing career. So, I indulged her and support her for whatever decision she makes even if it means going to school and PRC to and fro.

Note: Some areas in the PRC Central Office are currently under construction so the details may vary after a few months.

STEP 1: Go to the 5th floor (you can use the elevator or the stairs) and look for the area with STATEBOARD signage. Currently, it is on the last table on the first row.


The staff who assisted me was very kind and accommodating. He handed me a form called State board Verification Slip and gave me detailed instructions on what to do. Because I was only a representative of the applicant, I showed him the needed documents as a proof that my friend had authorized me to process her papers.

Note: For those who cannot process their Verification of License/Registration due to some reasons or are residing abroad, you can ask a representative to do it for you. He/She must present a Special Power of Attorney, an authorization letter from you, a photocopy of your PRC ID and his/her valid ID.

STEP 2: Accomplish the State board Verification Slip.


STEP 3: Pay for the courier fee.

Fedex is the courier that was recommended by the staff who assisted me (in case you have chosen Express delivery which will take 2-3 days before your VOL will be delivered to CGFNS). Exit the PRC and FEDEX is just in front of it. It is not the typical room of a courier service so do not look or expect to enter an air conditioned stall. You will notice a small Fedex tarpaulin outside. A staff will ask you to write some details in the logbook (Name, Destination, contact number). A calling card will also be given just in case you want to follow-up. An SMS will be sent to inform you the tracking number once the document is for delivery.

Note: You have the option to have your Verification of License/Registration delivered by post which costs 180.00 (If I heard it right). Delivery time is 4-5 weeks.

STEP 4: Have your PRC ID photocopied.

If you have brought one, well and good. You can skip this part already.

STEP 5: Proceed to the Legal Division for clearance.

Note: The Legal Division is in the Main Building where the Cashier is located. It is located in the Second floor, the last room left side. You can ask the guard for directions.

STEP 6: Pay 200.00 for Certification/Processing fee at the Cashier.

Document Stamp is 25.00 each

STEP 7: Go back to the 5th Floor State board Section and present your documents and receipt. Fill-up the necessary information needed in the logbook.

The Verification of License/Registration was released on October 17, 2016 (13 days after filing) and was delivered the same day. The whole process took me an hour to accomplish (from 1000h to 1100h).


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    • jay
    • March 23, 2017

    Hi. are you also a USRN working in Ireland waiting for you priority date to be current? thanks!

      • March 23, 2017

      No,i am not.i am a nurse working in ireland.i just processed my friend’s papers.

    • Erwin
    • July 4, 2017

    Hi! Just want ask if you will send it directly to the cgfns if you’re just a representative? Thank you!

      • July 6, 2017

      It was sent by prc directly.

    • Tine
    • August 17, 2017

    Hi! Do I need to submit Transcript of Records? TOR from School?

    • Sidney
    • October 22, 2017

    Hello, good day!

    Thank you for the detailed process. What requirements did you submit?

      • November 2, 2017

      A filled-up form from CGFNS

    • Rose
    • October 31, 2017

    Hi! Just wondering on which number did you call PRC – Manila. I’m trying to get my Verification of License since I’m getting reciprocity for MD license. I have my nephew who can run things from the Philippines and we just wanna know where to go.

      • November 2, 2017

      try (+63) 310-0026 or 310-1047

    • Ces
    • April 20, 2018

    Wow this is really helpful! MARAMING SALAMAT!!! 🙂
    Is the Verification of License/Registration/Diploma form used for both PRC and the school where you need the Transcript from?

      • April 23, 2018

      Hi, Ces! Sorry for the late reply. Nagkaproblema sa blog ko. Sa pagkakaalala ko, magkaiba yung form ng PRC at school. Thank you!

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