What is Hip-Hop Abs?

Hate sit-ups or crunches? Me too. But is it still possible to have a flat tummy without these exercises? Hip hop abs can be the answer to our prayer.

No sit-ups. No crunches. Yes to flat, sexy abs! This is what Shaun T promised. Hip hop abs has been one of the top seller fitness programs for several years which was designed to help build and tone muscles. Moreover, it also helps to burn fat. Workouts last for 24 to 46 minutes of cardio dance routine. Unlike Zumba and other half intense activities, Hip hop abs is choreographed with the purpose of targeting your core from various angles. Almost all moves in the workouts activates your core muscles.

The program is well made which comprises of four different workout sets.

  • Fat burning cardio is a full body workout activating your entire body

  • Ab sculpt is a collection of core strengthening exercises

  • Hip, buns and thighs is for butt and thighs toning

  • Total body burn focuses more on the lower part of the body, thighs and lower abs

In a nutshell, Hip-hop abs is a fun fitness workout routine that incorporates dance moves which focuses on core strengthening and total body burn.

So, let us try this tilt, tuck and tighten routine and shed some stubborn fats for a stronger, sexier and healthier you.



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