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A Cup of Costa Cappuccino and a Piece of Chocolate Cookie

If there is something certain about life, that is, life is uncertain. There are days of extreme joy but there are also moments of sorrow. As death comes like a thief in the night, and so is the message I had received last Saturday early morning. The devastating news revealed the sudden death of our […]

Work Abroad

How to Apply for Ireland Re-Entry Visa via Registered Post

Three weeks prior to Christmas, I had received a brown envelope containing my Philippine passport stamped with my re-entry visa. Being a procrastinator, I failed to get a slot online for appointment in person at the Visa Processing Office in Dublin. Because it is peak season, there were no more available slots for a personal […]

Fitness Workouts

7 Effective Exercises to Lose Arm Fat

I am not fond of wearing sleeveless blouses despite the tropical weather in the Philippines. One of the reasons why is because I have heavy arms! My youngest brother’s arms are even toner than mine. I do not even want to try on a slim dress because my arms look bigger. I remember my classmate […]

Nursing Experience Work Abroad

Ireland Basic Terms: A Nice to Know for Filipino Nurses

Filipino nurses, take note that in any other areas of life, there will always be a first time. Each first step will inevitably be remarkable. It could either be terrific or terrible. Working abroad is part of that next step forward of our career path. For first time OFWs like me, it is nerve-racking. The […]

Health Matters

Smoking Weed: Damaging Effects of Marijuana to the Body

Marijuana has been making headlines because some individuals are imposing its legalization for medicinal purposes. There is no telling when this controversy will stop, however, one thing is for sure and that is, smoking pot is addictive and it poses a great threat to our health when abused. According to the National Survey on Drug […]

Nursing Work Abroad

How to Ace the Clinical Adaptation Program for Nurses

As we all know, non-EU trained nurses need to take either clinical adaptation or the RCSI exam. For this blog post, I will be narrating about the adaptation program which I have undergone. I honestly do not have any idea about the RCSI exam, forgive me for that. According to NMBI, in order for non-EU […]